Joshua VanEkelenburg – Hollywood Sluts

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Rehabilitated -the basement recordings
"Get Rehabilitated October 31, 2007"
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I took a flight out to Hollywood I was going to be a star
I got a job singing my songs in a small time bar
I met a girl named Bambi she liked to dance on a pole
She did things with her body that made grown men drool

Now I’m hanging out with Hollywood sluts
Wanna be movie stars with big old butts
I’m sniffing cocaine and drinking too much, yeah I’ve been drinking too much
Whenever I start feeling bad I take a few shots and I don’t feel so sad
They’ll never get me to go to Rehab, no no no

Once a week my mom calls she always wants to talk
She says she’ll buy me a plane ticket if I move back to Utah
Well she heard about Bambi and how I love to watch her dance on a pole
My Dad prays for me every Sunday he swears the devils taken over my soul

I may never be famous but that’s ok
Because every night in Hollywood I can get laid

© 2007 Zymosis Records

Hello, my name is Joshua Vanekelenburg and I’m from Utah. I play the
guitar and sing. Sometimes I put words to music. Sometimes people like
my music, sometimes they don’t. I was born in Salt Lake City Utah on
January 21, 1976. At an early age I became addicted to Ovaltine and had
to be placed in a rehabilitation center for children with addiction.
Although I have had a problem throughout the years kicking this habit I
am now proud to say, "I am one year clean." When I was twelve my mom
moved my brother and I to Las Vegas Nevada with my step dad. Nothing
too special ever happened to me while I was living there until I turned
seventeen and Michael Jackson invited me to hang out with him one
night. I politely declined and have wondered ever since then what might
have been. A year later when I graduated from high school, I feel in
love with the world of Elvis Presley impersonators. I tried to pursue a
career in this until May 1999 when my intentional weight gain caused me
to have to undergo knee and hip replacement surgery. Feeling down and
out ever since, I moved back to Utah where I now write songs and put
them on you tube.

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